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Professional Cable Bolt Testing & Installation Services

Unexpected rock failures can occur when placed under enormous stress, particularly when mining at great depths. At MCIT, our WA cable bolt installation and testing services is the ideal choice for effectively managing rock displacements and reinforcing underground anchoring systems.

We specialise in internationally sourced Cable Bolt Non-Destructive Testing equipment to measure cable length as well as identifying defects found in the grout column of cable bolts. If ground support is to survive heavy loads of rock mass, undergoing data assessments is vital to the long-term performance and longevity of mining works.

This comprehensive data is of value for installation of QAQC or assessing bolt damage caused by an unexpected earth-shattering event. As a result, the performance of the barrel and wedge in cable bolts is crucial in creating effective load movements.

Ongoing Research & Development Keeps Us at the Forefront of the Mining Industry

The future of cable bolt testing in WA is heavily reliant on our commitment to Research and Development. Our team of qualified technicians are continuously updating their industry knowledge to ensure the delivery of high quality cable bolt testing within the mining field.

In order to provide the required ground support QAQC tools for the mining industry, MCIT has a range of R & D projects in place including non-destructive testing for resin encapsulated solid bolts, corroded friction bolts and pull testing of split sets that have not been installed with a pull ring.

Our professional analysis allows us to test for poor encapsulation and provide accurate measurements of metal thickness while ensuring the correct bolts are being used for all your mining requirements.

Ground Support Testing is hugely important aspect of any new build. You can rely on our experienced technicians to deliver according to your exact expectations on every project.

At MCIT, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective and timely cable bolt testing solutions for your mining project. From understanding bolt behaviour, the effects of corrosion to split tube configurations, we can assist.

For more information on our WA cable bolt installation services, please contact MCIT on 0428 466 070 to discuss your future mining specifications.

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