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Ground Support Equipment

High Quality Ground Support Equipment For The Mining Industry

Mining Civil and Integrity Testing offers leading GSE ground support to the mining industry in WA – delivering ongoing efforts and maintenance to enhance your building projects.

Our specialist team provides ground support testing services including cable bolt non-destructive testing, bolt pull testing, corrosion assessment of split sets and assistance with ground support trials.

Using the latest industry equipment and materials, we’re able to achieve high quality solutions for our mining clients at the most competitive industry rates.

As well as assisting clients improve the safety of their operations - our goal is to deliver quality data with quick and efficient turnaround times. Whether you’re keen to get an independent trial completed for your current ground support or custom design testing, MCIT is here to help.

GSE Ground Equipment Solutions – WA

GSE ground equipment plays a fundamental role where underground excavation is required. MCIT is a company that is built on improving the safety of the mining industry through helping clients with industry leading solutions for the QAQC and testing of ground support.

Our focus is to deliver value to clients by providing quality data in an efficient and time effective manner. With our strong attention to detail, professional execution and technological expertise, you can rely on MCIT to deliver to your exact project specifications.

We can assist with:

Cable Non-Destructive Testing – We use internationally sourced non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment & can measure the cable length & identify defects in the grout column of cable bolts.

Bolt Pull Testing – We can pull test commercially available rockbolts, degraded solid bolts and split sets without pull rings. To ensure you get the best quality data you need, we’re currently developing pull test equipment that will deliver full load displacement data for every pull test performed.

Corrosion Assessment of Split Sets – Not sure how degraded your split sets are from corrosion? Our team offers a range of options to determine the extent of the damage, providing you with relevant data to assist with immediate solutions.

For professional ground support equipment in WA, get in touch with MCIT today on 0428 466 070 to discuss your project requirements.

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