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MCIT offers a range of ground support testing services including cable bolt non-destructive testing, bolt pull testing, corrosion assessment of split sets and assistance with ground support trials.

Cable bolt Non-Destructive Testing

Using internationally sourced non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment MCIT can measure the cable length, as well identify defects (voids) in the grout column of cable bolts. This unique data is of value for installation QAQC or an assessment of bolt damage following a large seismic event.

Bolt Pull Testing

In addition to offering the capability to pull test most commercially available rock bolts MCIT has solutions for the non-standard jobs such as pull testing degraded solid bolts, or split sets without pull rings. We are also developing pull test equipment that will provide the full load-displacement data for the pull test, ensuring you get all the quality data you require.

Corrosion Assessment of Split Sets

Understanding how degraded your split sets are from corrosion is essential when determining if rehabilitation is required. MCIT has several options that can assist in collecting the necessary data.

Ground Support Trials

Need to complete an independent trial of your ground support? Whether you want to get a better understanding of the performance of your existing ground support or if you want to test your own design. MCIT can assist.

Research and Development

To continue to provide the necessary ground support QAQC tools that the mining industry is asking for, MCIT have a pipeline of research and development projects.

These include:

  • Non-destructive testing for resin encapsulated solid bolts - overmixing, under mixing and poor encapsulation.
  • Non-destructive testing of corroded friction bolts (split sets) to provide a measurement of remaining metal thickness along its entire length.
  • Pull testing of split sets that have not been installed with a pull ring.