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Dynamic Rockbolt testing

When building a new facility, it’s important to ensure the ground support is sufficient in handling the performance of bolts under different mining conditions. At Mining & Civil Integrity Testing (MCIT) we provide dynamic and cost-effective rockbolt testing to ensure complete stability of underground excavation conditions.

Our goal is to improve the safety of the mining industry while assisting clients with innovative and technological solutions for testing of ground support methods. With a strong focus on producing high quality data in rapid timeframes, the team at MCIT is committed to delivering to your exact project specifications.

Some of the parameters for ground support testing include:

  • Checking for split tube compositions
  • Rock mass modulus & corrosion techniques
  • Bolt behaviour under singular and multiple drops
  • Bolt behaviour under static & heavy loading scenarios
  • Bolt performance in uneven & broken ground conditions

MCIT provides dynamic support & comparative rockbolt testing measures to assist in the overall safety of your mining operations.

As leading rockbolt-testing technicians in WA, it’s our job to deliver quality bolt testing solutions across a variety of ground level situations.

To avoid large costs to mining operations and the future risk to mining personnel, it’s imperative to have ground support systems in place for additional peace of mind.

Whether it’s investigating the performance of bolts after dynamic rock bursts, determining the correct bolts for your construction or checking for general grout and resin performance, MCIT has the expertise to assess and implement all types of ground support testing procedures on time and within budget.

As you may already know, Ground Support Testing is a critical component of any new build. Our experienced team will ensure every aspect of testing we do is thorough and comprehensive – saving your business time and money.

MCIT places a strong priority on research and development and we are well placed to deliver outstanding results to our valued clients in the mining industry.

Looking for rockbolt testing solutions in WA? Get in touch with our team on 0428 466 070 to arrange a detailed quote for your next mining project.

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